Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick sing in the new trailer for Into the Woods, which also gives fans a first look at Johnny Depp as The Wolf.

New Into The Woods Trailer

As the Christmas release date for the adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s fairytale musical approaches, more details are coming out about the star-studded film. Into the Woods features an A-list cast, including Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, Christine Baranski and James Corden, in addition to Streep, Kendrick and Depp.

Depp’s Wolf is highly anticipated, especially since the character was left out of the teaser trailer released just two months ago. Fans finally catch a glimpse of the famous actor in full Wolf costume on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and in a new behind-the-scenes featurette released on Thursday, Oct. 23.

Rob Marshall wasn’t afraid to let me take the role to a level of heightened reality, almost cartoon-like, where one second the Wolf is here, and then, boom, suddenly he’s over there,” Depp told EW about his character.

As to how the film attracted its star-studded cast, Streep said that she accepted the role because of the show’s unconventional ‘witch’ character.

“I’ve been offered many witches over the years, starting when I was 40, and I said no to all of them. But this was really fun because it played with the notion what witches mean. They represented age and ugliness and scary powers we don’t understand. So here’s my opportunity to say, here’s what you wish for when you’re getting old,” Streep told EW.

Into the Woods comes out on Christmas Day.

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