When John Travolta goes on vacation, he really lets his hair down. The actor was relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, celebrating his 57th birthday with wife Kelly Preston, 48, and daughter Ella, 10, when he was caught without his hair weave.

The new look is a far cry from the pictures that were taken of Travolta last month at the Breitling Flagship store's opening in New York, when he sported a full head of lush brown hair, according to UK's Daily Mail.

Though his "hair" often seems to morph overnight in length and color, the actor has been known to embrace baldness, at least on the big screen. In 2008 he shaved his head for his role in From Paris with Love. At the time he said he liked the look "a lot, because it's a bald look and it allows me freedom to be bald." —KIMBERLY STEELE

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