John Stamos has been recalling his friendship with the late drummer Taylor Hawkins and shared a text Hawkins sent him before his death in Colombia. In the text, Hawkins rather darkly wrote that they have to hang out, “before we die.”

Stamos added, “Wise words from my friend – put that shit together!” He also posted a video to Instagram which showed Hawkins having a faux-rant about Stamos getting a Geico commercial gig over him. “You know the Geico commercial, where he flips the stick? That was mine, originally that was mine. But they decided to go with Stamos because he’s better looking,” Hawkins said, before showing off some more stick-flipping in one hand.

While Stamos didn’t discuss how he came to become friends with Hawkins, The Full House actor is a musician himself and began playing drums when he was just the age of four. He has even performed several times with The Beach Boys both as a touring musician, and a session musician for a few of their songs.

In the wake of Hawkins’ death, The Foo Fighters have canceled over 50 planned tour dates for 2022 to “grieve, to heal and to pull our loved ones close.” They will also no longer be performing at the Grammy Awards this Sunday.

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