On his late night show, John Oliver humorously broke down presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s idea to build a border wall along the United States’ southern border.


Oliver first drove home the actual cost to build the wall. Trump claims that it would only take $4 billion but the British comedian said that it would be “an insane magic trick.” Trump now claims the wall will cost between $10 – $12 billion to make now.

The second factor that Oliver presented is what the wall will be presumably made of: concrete, rebar and steel. The late night host broke it down considering the wall would be 35 ft tall and 1000 miles. “That would cost about $10 billion for the concrete panels and $5-6 billion for steel columns to hold the panels including labor, plus another billion for concrete footing for the column and a concrete foundation, so thats at least $16 billion which is $4 billion over his highest budget.”

He also went on to count out the transportation and wall maintenance over the years.

Oliver explained how Trump claims that Mexico will pay for the wall, but in fact the Mexican treasurer and two previous presidents have said that “Mexico will not pay for such a stupid thing.”

An additional factor is where to put the actual wall. Oliver pointed out that it would cut off river flow and that “the land is actually owned by private citizens.”


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