Just in time for the one-year anniversary of the Robert Mueller investigation, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver trashes Sean Hannity for calling the investigation a “witch-hunt.”

The host starts off his segment by calling the whole investigation “Stupid Watergate” since its “a scandal potentially on the scale of Watergate but where everyone involved is dumb and terrible and bad at everything.”

Oliver then pointed out that Hannity and other Fox News commentators have been consistently referring to the ongoing investigation as a “witch-hunt.” “Yes, they’ve been derisively referring to the Mueller investigation as a witch-hunt, which is a little ironic because you just know if Giuliani, Hannity and Trump had been alive back when people burned witches, they would have front-row seats, toasting marshmallows while trying to conceal their boners,” he said.


He continued on to say that, “If this is a witch-hunt, witches exist.”

Oliver then noted that support for the investigation has slowly been decreasing over time. However, much to his own shock, he told people to listen to Rudy Giuliani.  “If you’re thinking, well, ‘I don’t watch Fox News, I tune all of that stuff out,’ it’s actually important that you know what’s been happening on it for reasons that, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Rudy Giuliani explains best,” Oliver explained. “Because when he was recently asked why he was going around spouting unsubstantiated nonsense, he offered this explanation.”

In an interview, Giuliani explains that, since Trump’s fate will come down to the matter of impeachment, “our jury is the American people.”

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Oliver then joked, “He’s related by blood to his first wife, but he is right.”

“It is the longstanding view of the Justice Department that you cannot indict a sitting president, so to the extent that Trump can be held accountable, it’s going to be through impeachment, where public opinion is key,” Oliver explained.

The focus is then brought back to Hannity, Oliver shows a clip from his show on Fox News where Hannity questions why others like Christopher Steele, the Clintons, Jim Comey and Susan Rice are not being prosecuted like Trump.

“That is a lot of name to throw up on the screen and just say, what about them?” Oliver said after. “Hannity’s point is that other people did bad things so therefore Trump’s bad things don’t count. Let me be clear on this: whether or not someone else did something s–tty has no bearing over whether you did something s–tty. If that were true, every movie that got a bad review could simply say, what about From Justin to Kelly?”

Oliver wrapped up the segment by explaining how conservatives have made their own successful counter-narrative to the special counsel’s inquiry “by framing it as part of a grand conspiracy to bring down Trump.”

He sarcastically congratulated Hannity for creating the “the s–ttiest conspiracy theory ever.”

“Night after night, Hannity paints a picture where the investigation itself is one gigantic scandal, with the Democrats, the FBI, the Deep State, and the establishment Republicans teaming up to bring down Trump,” the host said. He then brings up that Hannity enjoys saying that “Spygate” makes “Watergate look like stealing a Snickers bar.”

Oliver explained that their belief that the investigations is just one large scandal does not even answer the most obvious question. “If absolutely everyone from Hillary to the FBI to Trey Gowdy was in on a Deep State plan to sabotage Trump, how the f–k is he president right now?” he says.

Watch the full segment below.

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