John Oliver spent time on his show Last Week Tonight apologizing for encouraging Donald Trump to run for president years ago – at the time he thought a Trump campaign would be a good laugh for everyone.


Three years ago, after showing a clip saying that Trump planned to run for president in 2016, Oliver looked into the camera and encouraged the action. “Do it. Do it, look at me, do it,” he said. “I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but which badly wants you to run.”

The talk show host on Sunday had no excuses for his actions. “In my defense… I have no defense for that, I was hoping to think of one before finishing the sentence, which oh s–t it’s over.” He made these remarks just days before the election results came out, and of course as we all know, Trump did in fact win.

Oliver went on to say that he hopes America will deny Trump, “but I have been spectacularly wrong before.” He then showed a clip of himself eight years ago condemning Chicago Cubs fans for being stupid enough to still root for the time. “That’s right, the Chicago Cubs will never ever win the World Series.” Obviously, the Cubs won for the first time in 108 years just exactly a week ago.

“I’m an idiot,” are his closing remarks in the segment, before he urges people to get out and vote.

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