John McAfee, the antivirus software magnate, has died at 75. McAfee was expecting to be extradited from a Spanish prison after he was charged with tax evasion last year in the United States.

McAfee was found dead in his prison cell near Barcelona on June 23 at around 1 p.m. ET. A spokeswoman said that a medical examiner was summoned to the scene and explained that the cause of death is under investigation.

A statement from the Catalonia regional government Justice Department, which manages prisons, claimed that prison medical personnel and guards attempted to save McAfee’s life, but did not succeed. The statement also said “everything indicates” that he committed suicide.

McAfee died after a ruling from a three-judge panel at Spain’s National Court in Madrid. They decided that he could be extradited to the U.S. to face charges against him. Court documents claimed that the extradition could have been appealed to a larger panel of judges.

McAfee was arrested in Spain in October after being charged with tax evasion in the United States. He was accused of failing to file taxes for four years, even though he was earning millions in income between 2014-2018. Court documents said he was earning a high income by promotion of cryptocurrencies and selling the rights to his life story for a documentary.

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