John Mayer is working on a song inspired by his close friendship with the late Bob Saget, which is about “discovering the depth of love.”

Mayer shared with Andy Cohen, “I have this song that’s my friend, sort of my little collection plate for ideas or thoughts I have about Bob. I put it in the plate and keep working on the song. I work on it when I’m in the car and driving. I know how the song goes. This song that I have is very much this connected tissue I have to him, and I just keep working on it.

“There are times when we lose someone and we ask ourselves, ‘What’s my appropriate level of being upset? Where do I stand here in my level of upset?'” Mayer added. “That one was right over me… Because that was someone that everyone knew, that in real-time, I was like, this is one of my favorite people in the galaxy, and I’m proud of this relationship.”

Mayer and Saget met at a charity benefit in 2003 and developed a strong brotherly love for each other.

Cohen witnessed the close friendship between the two for the first time at Mayer’s stadium show in San Paolo, Brazil.

“I saw the show with Bob and being with him and seeing how much he loved you and how proud he was of you… it was a beautiful thing then and it’s even more beautiful now,” Cohen told Mayer. “Man, did he love you.”

The cause of Saget’s death was just recently revealed. His family announced in a statement on Wednesday that “he accidentally hit the back of his head on something.” There was no use of drugs or alcohol.

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