John Mayer released his seventh full-length studio album today, The Search for Everything. Although eight of the twelve songs on the album were previously included on The Search for Everything: Wave One and Wave Two, this most recently release brings both of the four track releases together, and includes four more songs.

This is Mayer’s first full album since 2013’s Paradise Valley, which was well received commercially. Mayer began working on The Search for Everything in August of 2014 but its completion was pushed back when Mayer joined Grateful Dead members, Bob WeirMickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann on their Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead tour. With Mayer’s addition, the band became known as Dead and Company.

While several of the songs have Grateful Dead influences, the majority of The Search for Everything is rooted in funk and pop, much like Mayer’s previous releases.

After the album was made available to fans, Mayer sent out a cryptic tweet.

“And that ends an era. August 14′-April ’17. I made this record for *you*. May you hear and see and feel yourself in these songs,” the tweet read. The tweet was accompanied by two wave emojis with a heart in between them – the second track on the album is titled “Emoji of a Wave.”

While it is entirely plausible that the “you” in the tweet is a reference to his many devoted fans – fans that have stuck with him after two, highly discussed, regrettable interviews – but his romantic past suggests the tweet could also be aimed at a lover, long-gone or still around.

He has admitted in the past that at least one of the songs was for his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry.

“Who else would I be thinking about?” Mayer said about the album’s groovy lead track, “Still Feel Like Your Man” in an interview with The New York Times.

“And by the way, it’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. That was my only relationship. So it’s like, give me this, people.”

The Search for Everything is available for purchase online on iTunes, Amazon and all other major music platforms. It is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.