After Frasier actor John Mahoney died on Sunday, several actors, writers and producers who worked alongside him in Moonstruck, Say Anything, Flipped and more took to social media to pay tribute to him.

The Steppenwolf Theatre, where Mahoney first got his start in acting and where he returned to after Frasier tweeted about his death on Monday.

“It is with our deepest sorrow that we share the news that ensemble member of 39 years John Mahoney passed away. Tonight’s opening night performance of You Got Older has been cancelled. We are instead inviting all to gather in Front Bar this evening. All are welcome to join us,” the Steppenwolf Theatre’s Twitter account wrote.

Fellow Frasier actress Peri Gilpin tweeted a photo of Mahoney along with the caption, “John singing at my wedding. Watch Moonstruck, Say Anything and/or Frasier or anything you can with him in it and raise a glass to John. Remember him well.”

“Here’s to you, John Mahoney! You make the unforgettable look easy,” Cameron Crowe, who wrote Say Anything, tweeted on Monday.

“So sad to hear about John Mahoney,” Flipped star Madeline Carroll tweeted. “Feel so blessed I got to make Flipped with him. What a talent. What a person to learn from. U will be missed.”

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