John Legend knows who bit Beyonce – but he isn’t telling anyone.

While on The Ellen Show, Legend was asked by Ellen DeGeneres if he knew who bit Beyonce. She began by explaining that she had just heard the story of an actress biting Beyonce on the face at a party. But, before she got the question out, Legend clarified that he would not be sharing any information regarding that. “We weren’t there first of all,” the singer said. “But we know people who were there and they know who it was, we know who it was, and we’re not talking about it.”


Legend attempted to change the conversation by bringing the topic back to his daughter Luna Legend, who said the name “Beyonce” for the first time in the car while he was with his wife Christine Teigen. Ellen attempted to get the name of the biter out of him again by jokingly asking if Luna knew who it was. “She does not,” Legend confirmed.

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DeGeneres then asked for more details on who it was – attempting to clarify if the person was a famous actress. Legend’s response was, “It is a famous person, yes.” Ellen continued to press on but Legend said he was “done.”

Earlier in March, Teigen tweeted that she would “never tell” who did it.

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