Emotions are heightened in the federal campaign violation trail against former U.S. Senator John Edwards, 58, which is in its second week in Greensboro, North Carolina. Wednesday was the most dramatic day yet, when Edwards' eldest daughter with his late wife Elizabeth Edwards, Cate Edwards, 30, fled the courtroom in tears when Edwards' former aide Christina Reynolds started to testify about a confrontation that allegedly occurred between Elizabeth and John in October 2007.

Reynolds was testifying about a fight John and Elizabeth Edwards had at the Raleigh, North Carolina airport after Elizabeth had confronted her husband about his alleged affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter. Tabloid reports were beginning to come out about the affair, and Elizabeth was reportedly "very upset," according to Reynolds, reports Today. "She stormed off and collapsed into a ball in the parking lot." Elizabeth, who was a breast cancer patient at the time, tore off her blouse, exposing her chest, and said, "You don't see me anymore," testified Reynolds.

Cate Edwards was seen wiping her eyes at the testimony, according to CNN. She exchanged some words with her father, Edwards, and stood and left the courtroom. Cate returned to her seat after a court recess.

Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer at age 61 in December 2010. She and John Edwards had already been separated for almost a year, after it was revealed that he had fathered a child with Hunter.

If convicted of illegally using campaign contributions to cover up his extramarital affairs, Edwards could face up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines.

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