John Edward is an American TV psychic and author. He is known for television shows like Crossing Over With John Edward. This John Edward bio will let him tell his story in his own words.

John Edward Bio: Personal Life, Age

John Edward (full name: John Edward McGee, Jr.) was born on October 19, 1969 (John Edward age: 53) in Glen Cove, New York. He has a strong Roman-Catholic background and sees a connection between his faith and alleged psychic powers.

Although he grew up a skeptic of psychic and supernatural powers, an encounter as a teenager while on a visit to New Jersey not only changed his mind but also led him to believe in his own supernatural abilities.


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“I didn’t discover it. I was told,” Edward told uInterview exclusively. “I was at my Grandmother’s house… and I was debunking the woman [Lydia Claire] who was doing readings there to try to explain to them – my family that she wasn’t legit. And during the course of my attempt to debunk her reading, she kind of blew my mind with what she knew about me and what she predicted for me. Then she told me I had this ability, which kind of wasn’t something I took seriously until everything she said happened. So that was kind of like a mind-blower of sorts. So at 15 to have someone kind of walk around in your life and tell you things that you would have had to told her yourself and then find out how those things are about to unfold kind of blew my mind and told me to pay attention to the last part. So that was my journey. I had a reading.”

Before beginning his career as a professional psychic, Edward also studied health care administration at Long Island University and worked as a ballroom dance instructor.

Edward is married to Sandra McGee and the couple has two children.

John Edward Bio: Books

John Edward is a prolific writer whose work ranges from supernatural, religion, and fiction, to self-help topics.

In 1998 John Edward published his first book One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We Have Loved and Lost. The book is part autobiographical and part exploration of the psychic profession. With the book, he strove to share his experience developing his power and convince his readers of the alleged connection that lingers between this world and the afterlife. An interview by Larry King on his (King’s) talk show, Larry King Live, helped propel Edward’s book sales and also helped thrust him into the national eye.

Edward went on to write more psychic-related books like After Life: Answers from the Other Side, Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories and What If God Were the Sun? His last psychic-related book was Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life. While his first book dealt more with his own experiences, this one was marketed as a self-help guide on connecting to one’s own psychic powers.  

He is also the author of a spiritual book called Practical Praying and the novels, Final Beginnings, and Fallen Masters.

John Edward Bio: Television shows, Crossing Over

John Edward starred in the television program Crossing Over with John Edward which aired from 2001 to 2004 on the Sci-Fi Channel. He also served as one of the show’s producers. The show revolved around Edward performing readings for pre-selected audience members.

Edward ran the show John Edward Cross Country from 2006 to 2009. While his prior work was studio-taped, this show was formatted around Edward giving readings and then conducting follow-ups with the audience members by doing home visits.

John Edward Bio: Controversy

Like most psychics, John Edward’s work has received large amounts of skepticism. He’s criticized for performing readings on his guests by having the pre-selected audience members fill out questionnaires before tapings.

After the 9/11 attacks, the psychic’s creative team planned an episode where Edward would conduct readings for friends and families of the 9/11 attack. Although initially defended, plans were canceled after the network hosting the show was accused of exploiting the mourning individuals and nation in a tasteless attempt to raise ratings.

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