One of the most highly anticipated DC movies of 2021 is The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn, a sequel to the original film in 2016 that also serves as a soft-reboot. One notable aspect about the film that people are excited to see is its cast. When it was revealed which character that each cast member was playing at DC Fandome, people were especially pleased to find out that professional WWE wrestler John Cena would be playing the anti-hero Peacemaker. Cena will star along several other popular newcomers for the film, including Idris Elba, Pete Davidson, Peter Capaldi, Nathan Fillion, Alice Braga and Taika Waititi. A month after this announcement was made, it was reported that Gunn was developing a Peacemaker series on HBO Max starring Cena in the lead role.

Cena has described his character in the film as a “douchey Captain America” and a ruthless murderer who is willing to achieve peace at any cost, no matter high the body count gets. Many people were surprised to see the announcement of a Peacemaker show being in the works take place, as The Suicide Squad has not even come out yet and people are unsure if the movie will actually be successful. If The Suicide Squad receives poor reviews from critics and audiences like its predecessor, it might turn away people who would be willing to check the Peacemaker show out on HBO Max. Gunn has decided not to reveal whether the show on Peacemaker will be a sequel to The Suicide Squad or not, due to it being a huge secret if the character will die in the film or if he will survive.

Fans are nonetheless excited to see Gunn’s take on the iconic team of supervillains, anti-heroes and criminals. Hopefully this film will turn out to be the Suicide Squad movie that the fans deserve.


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