John Boyega has shown fans that he has been working hard since his final appearance in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker back in 2019 and teased that we’ll be seeing him in three films this year including the upcoming historical epic The Woman King.

Boyega told fans to “Watch this space” in anticipation of the films in a short but sweet Tweet, also quipping “I been cooking.”

Boyega will be playing King Ghezo of the West African kingdom of Dahomey, who mobilizes an elite all-female warrior unit led by Nanisca (Viola Davis) to defend their home from colonizing forces. A trailer was recently released that you can view here.

The Woman King was apparently first pitched in 2015 to Davis herself by producer Mario Bello in the middle of the Women Making History Awards in Los Angeles. Bello presented Davis with an award and took the opportunity to pitch the film in front of the crowd, who reportedly “went wild” in response to the idea. Davis signed on to produce and star in the film, which will release on September 16, 2022.

It’s great that Boyega has new roles coming out after wrapping up Star Wars, and he had even been on a bit of a social media hiatus before writing this new tweet. He did receive critical acclaim in 20202 for his portrayal of Leroy Logan in an episode of Steve McQueen’s anthology series Small Axe.

Some fans were disappointed when Boyega was introduced as a major character in the new Star Wars trilogy as the former stormtrooper Finn, but not given the same weight throughout the movies as other new characters were. Boyega even said in an interview with British GQ that he felt his character was “pushed to the side” after marketing buzz was generated from his casting.

He has yet to say what exactly the other two projects are, but he has a movie coming to Netflix in 2022 called They Cloned Tyrone, which does not yet have an official release date or trailer revealed.

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