DNCE‘s Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner were spotting together in New York City walking their dog.


Actually, she was carrying their tiny husky puppy in her arms while the couple took a walk. Turner and Jonas have been dating nearly a year and have kept their relationship mostly under wraps. “You do feel like you’re living in a fishbowl,” Turner has said of dating as a celebrity. “It’s frustrating [that] it’s the most mundane things that make the news—how boring!” In July, she admitted that, “I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.”

Though happy with her relationship with Jonas, 27, the actress takes issue with their couple ship name “Jophie.” “I prefer ‘Mophie,'” she said, referring to her friendship with her Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams. “What’s that thing they say? Relationships come and go but friendship is always there,” she joked.

The couple named their husky pup Porky Basquiat, and they showed a little PDA as they walked around SoHo with their new pet. She gushed about their little dire wolf on Instagram, and even created his very own account.


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Meet the newest addition to the krew @porkybasquiat ?

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Ugh. Jet life ?

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Turner, 21, shares that fame hasn’t really affected her relationship with Jonas, but it has changed how she interacts with people in her everyday life. Especially, she says, she hates when fans take her photo without permission. “I find it really rude, and I will be rude back,” she said. “It’s such an invasion of privacy. I could be out with my mum on her birthday and I will ask them to delete it. I would much rather them come up and ask for a photo. I will probably be fine with it…unless I look s–t!”

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the star spoke about her start in acting at age 14 on Game of Thrones. “There was a period in my life when I was 14/15, and I was like, ‘I want to be seen as a real actress—I can’t f–k around. This is my career,'” she said. “Now I’m like, ‘Just enjoy it,’ the painful part is finding another job. There’s a certain sense when you’re 15 and you’re just kind of like, a pawn, and you’ll say, ‘Yeah, I will do what you want,’ but now I’m like, ‘You know, actually I don’t like this.'”

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