Actress Jodie Whittaker recently jumped to stardom after landing the coveted role of the new Doctor Who, the fan-favorite BBC science fiction series that premiered its latest season at New York Comic Con over the weekend.

Whittaker, 36, is the first female actor to portray the lead character in the show, and the 13th person to play the doctor after replacing Peter Capaldi. The British star previously appeared in shows like Broadchurch and Black Mirror. 

“It’s an unusual journey,” Whittaker told reporters of her newfound fame. “You are famous before you’ve stepped on set, so you’ve made this huge life choice for your family forever and yourself and your career and you are a familiar face before you’ve kind of accepted yourself what that will mean.”


Whittaker added she was worried about not meeting fans’ expectations. The actress recently appeared on several talk shows, including The Graham Norton Show, to discuss her new role in Doctor Who. 

On that program, Whittaker performed the Doctor Who theme alongside Lady Gaga by using an electronic musical instrument called a theremin.

Doctor Who Series 11 began on Sunday (Oct. 7).

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