Jodie Sweetin struggled with drug abuse after she finished her role on the iconic Full House. Now she has been five years sober, Fuller House is on Netflix gearing up for another season and an upcoming sitcom, Hollywood Darlings, is in the works set to star Sweetin. Currently, she is on Dancing with the Stars. Sweetin is clearly on a comeback. However, the actress was brought to tears this Monday while discussing her past.

It was the typical week for tears on the dancing competition show, “Most Memorable Year” week, and in the pre-recorded section of the episode the actress told her partner, Keo Motsepe, about her challenges.

“My most memorable year has been this past year of my life,” said Sweetin. “Getting to step back in and find my dreams and the thing I love again.”

Sweetin did not hide any part of her experiences, as she talked about the “dark place” she went into after Full House ended in 1995. After eight years on the show, at thirteen she was “saying goodbye to a family [she] had loved very, very much.”

“Everything that I’d known from the time I was five years old suddenly ended,” she explained. “At such a young age it really was a huge loss for me. I didn’t know how to grieve.”

She also went on to explain how in addition to alcohol she turned to drugs including cocaine and ecstasy. But, that was only a side effect of what she was feeling.

“The darkest moments for me weren’t necessarily winding up in the hospital or anything like that,” said Sweetin. “It was those quiet moments alone when I just hated the person I had become.”

But it did end on a happy note. She said that her sobriety allows her to “be happy with simple things now.”

She also called the opportunity to return to television (well, Netflix) with Fuller House which reunited so much of the original cast, “a gift.”

Sweetin credits her daughters, 7-year-old Zoie and 5-year-old Beatrix from past marriages, and her fiance, Justin Hodak, who is 11-years sober, for helping her stay clean.

“I got everything I could want,” she told Today.

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