Deanna Reid, an ex-girlfriend of the late Travis Alexander, testified in court during the Jodi Arias murder trail. She was brought in as a rebuttal witness for the prosecution, and was then cross-examined by the defense.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez called Reid to the stand in an effort to show that Alexander was not an abusive boyfriend. Reid, who had dated Alexander for several years, claimed that he was never abusive towards her. She also stated, "he never raised his voice to me," and that she never saw him with photos of children. Reid declared that they broke up because she was ready for marriage and he was not. After the split, she claimed that they continued to keep in contact.

After a two-hour recess, Reid was back on the stand for a cross-examination by Arias's defense team. Kirk Nurmi, like Martinez, began his line of questioning by asking about the beginnings of her relationship with Alexander. She revealed that they attended the same church and had met through mutual friends. According to her, they began dating in 2000, and broke up briefly before reuniting in 2002 and dating through 2005.

Then Nurmi began an embrassing line of questioning that revolved around their former sex life. Since both were committed members of the church, after beginning to have sex well into their relationship, they cofessed the sin to their individual bishops and remained chaste throughout the duration of their time as a couple. Referrencing texts that Alexander sent Arias, Nurmi pushed further:

"Did he he ever talk to you about blowing enormous loads?" Nurmi asked.

"No," Reid replied.
"Did he ever ejaculate on your face?" Nurmi asked.
"No," Reid replied again.
"Did he ever call you a whore, a slut, a three hole wonder?" Nurmi pushed.
"No," Reid said.
During the redirect by Martinez, he took his turn prodding the witness about her sex life with Alexander. Reid told him, "He was always a gentleman. He never pressured me." She also stated that she didn't know anything of her ex's sex life with Arias.
Arias' defense hinges on convincing the jury that Alexander physically and emotionally abused the her, leading her to fear for her life and ultimately end his with a gunshot, nearly 30 stab wounds to the chest and slashing his throat. While Martinez's goal was obviously to show that Alexander did not exhibit a pattern of abusive behavior towards women, Nurmi tried to show that the two relationships were incomparable.
Martinez will call his next rebuttal witness today, April 24.