Jodi Arias’ sentencing retrial will occur in virtual privacy, as the presiding judge has ruled in favor of a media blackout.

Jodi Arias Trial Update: Sentencing Media Blackout

Cameras are not permitted into the courtroom as Arias’ fate is once again put in the hands of a jury, declared Maricopa County Judge Sherry Stephens. Those granted access into the arena, are forbidden from using Twitter to report on the proceedings in the instantaneous 140 characters or less posts. In fact, Stephens has banned media from carrying any and all electronic devices into the courtroom.

As could be expected, members of the media are outraged at what they see as a violation of constitutional rights. First Amendment attorney’s are championing the cause of the media, claiming that Stephens is violating the constitution and has not ruled in the public interest.

Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Arias’ murder trial, which ended in May, was aired on TV from the beginning to the end. The proceedings were dissected on news shows, in the papers and online. Live updates on the trial were available everywhere, with insiders tweeting breaking developments. Outside of the courtroom, Arias gladly took the opportunity to give exclusive interviews, sharing her version of the narrative.

In the end, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder, forcing the jury to contemplate sentencing the 33-year-old convicted killer of Travis Alexander to the death penalty. Since the jurors were not in agreement, another jury must be composed to weigh Arias’ fate.

– Chelsea Regan

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