Jodi Arias' murder trial will have its last day of testimony on Wednesday, where both the prosecution and defense teams will be getting in their last witnesses to convince the jury of Arias' guilt and innocence, respectively.

Arias' murder trial began roughly four months ago. A slew of witnesses have been called to the stand by both sides of the case, including the defendant herself. While the prosecution has been trying to prove that Arias arrived at Jason Alexander's home in June 2008 with the intent to murder him, the defense has tried to cast doubt on that theory by attempting to show that Arias acted in self-defense to protect herself from a physically and emotionally abusive boyfriend. Arias is charged with murdering Alexander by first shooting him, then stabbing him nearly 30 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear.

After the prosecution completed their rebuttal arguments on Friday, Judge Sherry Stephens granted the defense their request to rebut with one more witness. The defense is expected to call Dr. Robert Geffner to testify in rebuttal to Janeen DeMarte's Friday statements, which suggested that Arias suffered from borderline personality disorder, not post traumatic stress disorder.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez responded to the granting of the defense team's request by requesting another rebuttal witness of his own – forensic psychologist Dr. Jill Hayes – who is slated to take the stand after Dr. Geffner.

If the testimonies of Dr. Geffner and Dr. Hayes are able to be wrapped up by Wednesday evening, closing arguments will commence on Thursday. If all goes as planned, the jury will start their deliberation Friday afternoon. If Arias is convicted, the sentencing phase of the trial will begin immediately.