Hollywood’s indie distribution companies gathered last week to screen a preview of Casey Affleck‘s mock-umentary I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix and found out what many people suspected – Phoenix’s odd behavior in recent years was a hoax for the movie.

Phoenix nabbed headlines last February for a bizarre interview with David Letterman. Phoenix, who appeared on the show with a scraggly beard, matted hair and sunglasses, was standoffish toward Letterman as he talked about his wish to pursue a rap career.

At the time, Phoenix was filming the documentary with Affleck, his brother-in-law, causing media to speculate that the new look was a hoax for the film, something Phoenix adamantly denied. The film shows Phoenix participating in various illegal activities such as fraternizing with prostitutes and alledgedly snorting cocaine, as well having odd interactions with celebrities such as Diddy and Ben Stiller. –ELENA COX

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