Joanna Rohrback, better known as the "Prancercise Lady," has returned with a new video “Prancercise Fitness with Passion.”

In the newest installment to Rohrback’s viral exercise sensation – the original Prancercise video has over 10 million views on YouTube – a male partner and horses join Rohrback as they prancercise in an open field.

As noted in the video description, this video shows Prancercise enthusiasts how to exercise alongside a “preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals.” Rohrback’s preferred partner is Victor Cutino, the president of the nonprofit Peaceful Ridge Rescue ranch in Florida, where the video was filmed.

As to why Rohrback chose to prancercise with horses, she says she wanted “Prancercise Fitness with Passion” to be about liberation. “My vision was to have a sense of liberation in fitness as well as freedom in movement with a horse. My vision was to try and exemplify the horse as a model of fitness and beauty,” Rohrback revealed to People.

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