JoAnna Garcia Swisher shared a beachside shot of herself raising her six-month old daughter in her arms, while rocking a string bikini with her impressive post-baby physique.

The picture, was posted to Twitter on Thursday with the caption, “Emme’s first day at the beach.” Garcia Swisher’s husband and father to Emerson, New York Yankee Nick Swisher, retweeted the photo, adding “Great day!”

What’s even more impressive than Garcia Swisher’s fit figure six months out from giving birth, is that she shot her scenes for Once Upon a Time’s Nov. 3 episode even closer to the date on which Emerson was born. "I just had a baby,” Garcia Swisher told E! News, referencing her first day on set playing Ariel. “I just took a deep breath and I said this is the little mermaid and she's a little voluptuous right now and I'm going to go with it."

"It was a dream," she added, "and of course I had [Ginnifer Goodwin] to hold my hand when I realized, 'Oh my god, I'm half-naked!'"

Once Upon a Time’s next episode airs on Sunday, Nov. 10 at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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