Jimmy Kimmel introduced his audience to another ‘Lie Witness News’ skit on Thursday night, and to celebrate the Fourth of July, the skit involved questions about the birth of Independence Day.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ‘Lie Witness News – 4th of July Edition’

Kimmel once again brought laughter to his Jimmy Kimmel Live audience last Thursday by showing off a new edition of his ‘Lie Witness News’ segment. In honor of Independence Day the segment focused on asking pedestrians random questions about the beginnings of America.

“Independence Day is not about fireworks, it’s a day to remember the history of our country — a day to remind Americans why we became America. But another part of being American is not knowing anything,” Kimmel told his audience. The Kimmel Live crew took to the streets to also ask people if they heard the Governor of California had rescheduled Fourth of July to February, and of course the responses are hilarious.

“No I don’t agree with that totally. Independence Day was meant to be on that day and should be held on that day,” a woman replied to the question of the alleged date change. When asked if she wanted to say something to the Governor she added, “Please do not move it—keep it the day that it was set to be and that history was made.”

One man decided to list a few other reasons to keep Independence Day in July. “It’s a good time to do it in the summer you know, kids are out of school, I think the best time would be during summer to have Fourth of July.”

The Kimmel interviewer later asked the question, “What was your reaction when you learned that Katy Perry had trademarked the word fireworks and now people have to refer to them specifically as Skysparkles?” A woman responded with this comical but thoughtful answer: “I don’t think that it’s fair because we have known them as fireworks thus far. I think that we’re gonna keep that name because we have always gone by fireworks. Skysparkles is a phenomenal name, but I don’t think a lot of us will resort to that name.”

Seems like a lot of Americans are misinformed about the state of Independence Day. Check out the new skit for yourself.

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