Jimmy Kimmel spoke about Playboy founder Hugh Hefner‘s passing in his monologue on Thursday, but fans were unimpressed.


Many considered the speech to be disrespectful toward Hef. “Hugh Hefner’s probably the only person to be disappointed by Heaven,” Kimmel quipped. “‘What’s with all these harps, let’s get some naked girls in here,'” he said, mimicking what he thought Hef might be thinking at the pearly gates.

“Mr. Hefner was an advocate for racial equality, free speech, and equal rights, but mostly he’ll be remembered for the boobs,” the host continued. “By the way, I knew Hugh Hefner, I have to say of all his achievements, and there were many, maybe the greatest of all was, he figured out a way to wear pajamas to work everyday, and for that I really have to give him a lot of credit.”

Some fans found his monologue to be disrespectful toward Hefner, who died at his home, the Playboy Mansion, on Wednesday, aged 91. “Poor taste. Have some respect for the man who changed the game,” wrote a fan in the YouTube comments. “Too soon,” said another.

Others felt that humor was appropriate. “Everybody, Hef had a good sense of humor. He would want people to be laughing right now. No need to call Jimmy disrespectful for this,” said another video commenter.

“Hef will be buried next to his first-ever covergirl Marilyn Monroe… I guess the spot under her is already taken,” Kimmel added. See the entire monologue below.

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