Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new comedy bit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience on Tuesday night, with a video titled Lie Witness News – Golden State Warriors Edition, Kimmel exposes Warriors fans to some tough questioning.

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Warriors Fans In ‘Lie Witness’ News Skit

Kimmel told the audience, “When your team makes it to the NBA Finals, it’s a big deal, especially in a town like Oakland where they’ve been waiting a long time to see the Golden State Warriors win.” The Kimmel Live team sent a few interviewers to Oakland and asked fans about fake basketball players, fake strategies and other stuff they made up.

The first victim was fan Warren Brown. The interviewer asked him, “Do you think the Cavs losing Zayn Malik would affect the Cavs One Direction defense?” The fan replied with a, “No I don’t think so.” The interviewer pushed the fan further by asking, “Do you think One Direction will be fine without him?” The hilariously — but serious — response was, “Yeah I think they’ll be ok.”

The next fan really showed off his Warrior pride by shouting, “Warriors all day!” at a car passing by before the interviewer got his attention. Then the interviewer asked, “Do you think the Warriors are going to start L. Ron Hubbard?” L. Ron Hubbard was a famed — and dead — founder of Scientology. That doesn’t stop this fan though. “In my personal opinion no, he does not seem like he does well under pressure,” the fan answered. Wow, and you call yourself a Warriors fan!

Check out the hilarious video below.