The feud between the talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity went wild this week following a segment Kimmel did about First Lady Melania Trump on his show.



Hannity called Kimmel a “despicable disgrace,” which Kimmel addressed on his show. Hannity then took to Twitter to bring up old sketches Kimmel has done and referred to him as “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” The sketch in question was one Kimmel did called “Guess What’s In My Pants” on Comedy Central.



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Kimmel responded by stating that Hannity is trivializing Weinstein’s abuse of women. He also noted that in his old video, “every woman was a willing participant who gladly signed a release.”


Then their argument began to escalate. Hannity tweeted to Kimmel, “Would you want a stranger asking your daughter to ‘grab their crotch, and put their mouths on it?'”


Kimmel brought up once again that the video Hannity is referring to only involved women who gave consent to participate. He then asked Hannity if he would “want [his] daughter being ‘grabbed by the p—-y’?” A reference to President Donald Trump‘s infamous hot mic tape with Billy Bush.


Hannity deflected the question and continued to call Kimmel a “Harvey Weinstein wannabe.”


Kimmel persisted to get Hannity to answer his question.


Yet once again Hannity deflected the question.

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Kimmel finally gave up on trying to get an answer out of Hannity, but ended the Twitter feud with a simple “No one likes you.”


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