The Artist, which in February won several Academy Awards including Best Picture, features an amazing Jack Russell terrier that goes by the name Uggie. Many people who have seen The Artist have become huge Uggie fans — there is a "Consider Uggie" Facebook fan page that has over 17,000 likes.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel was one of those fans and went as far as to have Uggie on his show, only to discover later that the dog who appeared on his show was not the same Uggie. He was a fake Uggie — a "Fuggie."

Kimmel discovered he was not alone: the dog who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was not the same Uggie, either. So Kimmel launched an investigation and had the real Uggie and his trainer Omar Van Muller on his show to explain things. As it turns out, Uggie is only one of three dogs who played the pet of Jean Dujardin's character. The other two are named Dash and Dude.

Uggie, who is now the spokesdog for Nintendo, will be attending the White House Corespondents’ Dinner as a guest of the Washington Times.

Watch Kimmel's two segments here:

And here:


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