Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon are known by now to be rivals, and on Sunday night the pair revived their feud in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old late-night comedian and 48-year-old Oscar-winning actor were spotted standing beside each other at Game 5 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium. The best part, however, was that they wore similar red and blue t-shirts that read “I’m With Stupid” and had arrows pointing at each other.

Damon, a Massachusetts native, wore a red shirt with a Boston Red Sox hat to support his team, while Los-Angeles based Kimmel donned a blue shirt and blue cap. The Red Sox beat the Dodgers 5-1 on Sunday to win their fourth World Series title in 15 years.

Other celebrities were also seen alongside Damon and Kimmel at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. Damon’s buddy and fellow Red Sox fan Ben Affleck was seen wearing the team’s hat, and actors Jason Bateman and Billy Crudup were also spotted talking to Kimmel and Damon.


Also present in the stands were Judd Apataow, Leslie Mann, Conan O’Brien and Joe Jonas. 

MLB tweeted a photo of Damon and Kimmel with their matching shirts and captioned it with a famous line from the movie Good Will Hunting: 

Kimmel is known for repeatedly banning Damon from appearing on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, ending many of his shows with “my apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time for him.”

Damon has thus repeatedly tried to sneak into appearing on the show.

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