Colton Underwood’s time as The Bachelor has come to an end and as revealed on Tuesday’s part two of the live finale, he and winner, Cassie Randolph are currently dating but are not engaged. 

Shortly after the shows’ live finale, Randolph and Underwood stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the shocking moments of the season with the ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who is a diehard fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. And has even become known for predicting the winner after the very first night, including this season when he and his wife Molly McNearney picked Randolph to receive the final rose. 

“My wife picked you before Colton picked you,” Kimmel gloated to Underwood.

During the live show, Underwood revealed that he knew Randolph was the one at the fourth week of filming but wanted to give the other women a chance. “I’m confident in all the decisions I made. It’s led me here; it’s led me to her. I’m so happy and so in love right now,” Underwood told Kimmel. 

Kimmel then complimented the pair for being realistic and not rushing into things, saying, “I think you are the only couple in the history of this show that handled this like human beings because it is preposterous to get engaged at the end of this period. It doesn’t make any sense! It’s a recipe for disaster, it really is.”

Kimmel then went into the question that was on everybody’s mind during the season finale, which is did Underwood lost his virginity to Randolph during their make-up Fantasy Suite date, but Underwood remained coy and didn’t reveal anything.

“You don’t have to tell us if you’re a virgin, because I can tell just by looking at you,” Kimmel said. “I can see that something has happened to you, that you’ve blossomed.”

But that wasn’t the only thing that was on Kimmel’s mind during the live show, as he did note that the non-proposal ending left himself and viewers shocked when the two didn’t get engaged as it has become a huge scene that viewers have come to expect from the franchise’s finale. But to make up for the key scene, Kimmel unexpectedly gifted Underwood with a Neil Lane ring to be presented to Randolph when the time is right. 

“I do feel like you guys kind of got cheated a little bit because of the way you went about this,” Kimmel explained. “Because they love to have you get engaged on television and part of the deal is you get the ring from Neil Lane. So this afternoon I was like, ‘This kind of sucks, they don’t get the ring from Neil Lane.’ So we called Neil Lane and so here, he sent the ring.”

Upon receiving the ring, Underwood asked 23-year-old Randolph to stand up but quickly told her that he was joking.

The couple left the show as “confidently boyfriend and girlfriend,” with Underwood revealing to Kimmel that the possibility of an engagement was on the horizon. 

“You know we’ve talked about it,” Underwood said, after referring to Randolph as his “future wife.”

Meanwhile, Randolph also recently told People that she and Underwood are excited to get the point of future engagement. 

“If you don’t want that one you can pick out a different one, it doesn’t have to be that ring,” Kimmel told the couple of his gift. “Or you know, go to a pawn shop and get loaded, I don’t know, whatever you guys want to do. That’s from Neil Lane. I’d like to take credit for it, but it’s really not mine.”

Since filming ended, Randolph said that her father, who visited her on set in Portugal to urge her to not accept the proposal, has come around to Underwood and now “loves” him, adding that the two even watched the show together as it aired. 


“We’ve seen each other every week since filming, sometimes more. I would say we’ve probably been with each other more than any other couple,” Underwood said. “We want to just go to the grocery store, go for bike rides, walks on the beach.”

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