Jimmy Kimmel spent the top of his show last night doing what he and just about every other late night host does nowadays – run through all the craziness Donald Trump has tweeted recently. But this time, he got a little weird, or at least weirder in a different way than usual.

The latest conspiracy that Trump has been espousing is his belief that the Department of Justice infiltrated his campaign. Noting that Fox News tends to automatically report on whatever the president claims like it’s fact and then Trump uses their reporting to prove that he’s right, Kimmel suggests: why not utilize that feedback loop for something ridiculous?

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Like, what if Trump claims that Robert Mueller is a lizard person? Surely then, Kimmel posits, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs and “those dummies on Fox & Friends” would just nod in agreement. And then maybe the world would be a slightly happier place.


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But the majority of this clip is spent in reaction to Trump’s recent misspelling on Twitter of the First Lady’s name as “Melanie” instead of “Melania.” This could be an AutoCorrect thing, although when Kimmel tests it out, Twitter does in fact recognize “Melania.”

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So the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team headed out to all their neighborhood Starbucks to test out how hard it is to spell this particular name, as they asked passing folks to place their orders with the name “Melania.” The results are about as disastrous as you might expect. But that really says more about Starbucks baristas than it does about the president.

Check it all out below:

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