Jimmy Kimmel came clean as the mastermind behind the ‘Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ viral video on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night.

The YouTube video was posted on Sept. 3, and has since received over 11 million views. In the video, a girl, who posted under the pseudonym ‘Caitlin Heller,’ claims she was trying to make a sexy twerking video for her boyfriend when her roommate came home unexpectedly, causing her to fall and crash into candles, lighting her pants on fire.

“I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :),” reads the video description.


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In the week that followed, the Twerk Fail video was so popular, news programs and morning shows began airing the video. However, some believed that the video was a hoax and, it turns out, they were right.

During Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel admitted the video was a hoax, revealing a full-length version of the twerking incident, in which he comes in with a fire extinguisher.

The girl in the video is not Caitlin Heller, but Daphne Avalon, a stuntwoman, who appeared on the late night program to help Kimmel come clean.

The video, which was shot two months ago, went viral on its own, with no help from the popular comedian.

“We put it up and didn’t send it to any TV station. I didn’t tweet it, we didn’t put it on any websites. We just put it up on YouTube and let the magic happen,” Kimmel insisted.

During her appearance, Avalon admitted that she had received calls and messages from concerned family members and friends after the video went viral. Even her ex-boyfriend from high school contacted her after recognizing Avalon in the video.

“Thank you for helping us deceive the world and hopefully put an end to twerking forever,” Kimmel told Avalon at the end of the segment.

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