Jimmy Fallon opened The Tonight Show with a spoof of Donald Trump‘s first solo news conference that took place on Thursday.


Fallon took the stage dressed as Trump, complete with a matted wig and tiny hand to grab his water glass with. “First of all, you’re all fake news,” he began. “I hate you all very much, and thank you for being here. First question? No. Next.”

The skit lasted just under three minutes, and had Fallon field questions from the crowd as Trump did. “Can you address the recent missteps in your administration?” a voice asked. “Look, it’s not my problem. We inherited a mess,” Fallon intoned in a Trump-like voice. “It is such a mess. Not even a giant Roomba could clean it up, which we are working on with Elon Musk, it’s top secret, confidential, and I’m gonna leak it in about 15 minutes. Next.”

When CNN declared they would ask the next question, Fallon interrupted them to mock them as “fake news.” “I’m not even calling it fake news anymore. I’ve thought of something new,” he said. “I changed the name. I’m now calling it faux news. It’s much classier if you think about it. Very classy. Spelled f-a-u-x. It’s not pronounced ‘fox.’ Even though I love Fox, it’s the best network.”

Perhaps the best part was Fallon’s big finish, in which he took to a “Trump Magic 8 Ball” to answer a question about his staff being in touch with Russian intelligence officials: “Fake news. Fake news. Big league. Big leaks. Bigly big leagues. China. All signs point to sad. One more shake, and this is gonna make the ratings go through the roof. Faux news. Cue the music!”

And with that, Fallon dances and ends the skit. See the whole thing below.

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