Last night Jimmy Fallon took proceedings on The Tonight Show out of the studio and on to the race track.

Jimmy Fallon Races Justin Bieber On ‘The Tonight Show’

Joining the comedian for a NASCAR-inspired mini-race were Justin Bieber, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Tariq from The Roots, as well as genuine NASCAR stars, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., and Kyle Busch.

The race was a relay between two teams of two couples: team Jimmy (Fallon and Gordon and Ferguson and Truex) and Team Tariq (Bieber and Harvick and Tariq and Busch). Team Jimmy took an early lead but when Fallon and Gordon delay in switching drivers, Team Tariq edges out in front.

The teams are almost neck and neck when Bieber and Modern Family star, Ferguson take the wheel but Bieber’s impressive skills leave a faltering Ferguson in the dust. Team Tariq is victorious.

Fallon also had some fun with Cate Blanchett on the show. The two bonded by sampling each other’s body odor and discussing a $5 subway voucher the comedian sent the actress after she won her Academy Award for Blue Jasmine. The pair got so comfortable with each other they even shared a mint… the same mint that is.

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