Priyanka Chopra was feeling homesick for the Indian holiday Holi, so Jimmy Fallon decided to bring the Hindu Festival of Colors to her. On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon decided to bring a splash of color to the his late-night talk show.

Fallon Brings Holi Celebration To Priyanka Chopra

“I was talking to you backstage,” the NBC host began, “and you said you were a little homesick.”

“Yes. Today I was very, very homesick. Today is the big festival of Holi. Happy Holi to everyone celebrating, by the way!” the Quantico star exclaimed. “Holi is the Hindu festival of evoking spring, celebrating spring, triumph of good over evil, and it’s just a big party with lots of colors.”

The 34-year-old star then filled Fallon in on the basics of Holi. “You have colored powder and you color each other,” she explained. “There are a lot of other various elements involved in this big party.” Fallon then shared a photo from a previous Holi celebration, commenting, “How fun is that? It’s like a giant rave.”


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“It almost is,” said Chopra, who was born in Jharkhand. “It’s crazy music. It has this special drink made of milk and almonds and magical substances…which make you enjoy the colors a lot more.”

The late-night host grinned knowingly and said, “OK, we’re on the same page. I get what you’re saying.”

It was at that point that Fallon revealed he had a surprise planned for Chopra. “I didn’t want you to be homesick, because we love you here at The Tonight Show, so I brought a tray of paint and we made the drink [Thandai]. We don’t have the magical substances,” he added, somewhat regretfully.

Chopra then broke into an appreciative grin and clapped her hands, cheering, “This is going to be fun!”

Fallon then said tentatively, “I thought maybe it’d be fun if, if I just painted your face.”

The actress immediately retorted, “Yeah, I’m going to go in.”

The pair then clinked their Thandai drinks together, saying, “Happy Holi!” After they both savored the milky drinks, they proceeded to dab slabs of colorful paint on each others faces, while the crowd cheered them on.

“You’re really going for it!” exclaimed a surprised Fallon as Chopra painted generous swabs of color on his face. At the end of the face-painting, both stars appeared equally slathered in paint, and were both beaming.

“You are insane! You really went for it!” repeated the late-night host. Chopra then started dancing, proclaiming, “Happy Holi!” to exuberant cheers from the crowd.

Check out the colorfully playful celebration below:

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