The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon reunited Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell in a Good Burger skit Wednesday night.

Kenan & Kel Reunion

Thompson and Mitchell starred together on 90s Nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel and the comedy flick Good Burger. For the skit on The Tonight Show, Mitchell got back into his uniform to play fast food served Ed with Jimmy Fallon behind the counter with him. As for Thompson, he played a customer, a construction worker named Lester Oats – opting not to reprise the part of Dexter Reed.

In addition to Kenan & Kel, which ran from 1996-2000, the duo starred on Nick’s sketch program All That. Thompson and Mitchell last appeared together on All That‘s 10th Anniversary Reunion special in 2005. Incidentally, All That also launched the careers of Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon.

Since the end of Kenan & Kel and All That, Thompson has become best known as a featured player on Saturday Night Live. As for Mitchell, he’s back on Nickelodeon starring on Game Shakers and voicing a character on Wild Grinders.

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