Due to an injury during a matinee performance, Jim Parsons’ inability to perform led to the Boys in the Band to cancel several weekend shows.

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According to a fan who attended the show, Parsons tripped while he was walking out for curtain call.


Following the show, their official Twitter account announced the cancellation of their later performance in a now-deleted tweet. It stated, “Due to a minor injury of a cast member, the Sat evening performance has been canceled. Performances will resume Monday night. Please contact your point-of-purchase for refund and exchange information.”

Luckily the show was only cancelled for a short amount of time, with Parsons set to come back for tonight’s performance. However, many ticker-holders were not so pleased about the cancellation. Some even pointed out that the show lacked understudies for the cast.

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The Boys in the Band is a revival of the 1968 play by Mart Crowley. It highlights the lives of gay men prior to the Stonewall era. The show was revived to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The play has a star studded cast including Zach Quinto, Andrew Rannells, Michael Benjamin Washington and Matt Bomer.

The Broadway show started just this month and will run all summer until mid-August.

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