Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels arrived at the Dumb and Dumber To premiere in Los Angeles in equally eye-catchingly bright tuxedo jackets.

'Dumb & Dumber To' Premiere

Carrey and Daniels pulled up in the Mutt Cutts fur-covered van for the Dumb and Dumber To red carpet. When they exited the garish vehicle, they revealed their coordinating outfits. Both actors sported black pants and shoes and white shirts and bow ties. However, Carey finished off his look with a textured mustard yellow jacket, while Daniels sported a pale blue checkered blazer.

When asked at the premiere about what the dumbest things they’d ever done were, Carrey dead-panned, "I don't talk about my love life in a public forum," to Entertainment Tonight.

Daniels, however, referenced their fashion choices, quipping, "Probably not paying more attention to the color of tuxedoes they wore in the first Dumb and Dumber. I probably should have put my foot down, but I didn't. So here we are today."

As for the film itself, Daniels had positive things to say about the sequel that’s coming 20-years after the box office smash of the original.

“To see the two guys together again, the characters are still alive and well and creating havoc everywhere, it’s fun to see,” Daniels told Vanity Fair on the red carpet. “You don’t get that opportunity [because] usually when they do a sequel it’s right away, but 20 years later, I was real pleased with how much of it worked and how great the chemistry was with Jim.”

In addition to Carey and Daniels, Dumb and Dumber To stars Laurie Holden, Kathleen Turner and Rob Riggle. Bobby and Peter Farrelly directed.

Dumb and Dumber To hits theaters Nov. 14.

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