R&B singer Jill Scott, 45, and her estranged husband Mike Dobson, 49, are going to court in February after Scott filed for divorce in September 15.

The pair were married in June 2016 and split after almost 15 months of marriage. Dobson was taken by surprise by the divorce papers, according to Bossip, he was “completely blindsided” by Scott and he only agreed to separate, work on their relationship and keep wearing their wedding rings.

Scott’s grounds for filing for divorce were listed as “irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct.” The court date is set for February 15 in Tennessee. According to Tennessee law, “inappropriate marital conduct” includes humiliating treatment of a spouse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, wasting of the marital estate and a spouse being convicted of a felony.

Dobson told Bossip, “She likes to emasculate men ­– that’s her problem, I told her, she’s from Philly, but I’m from New York, and if you want to try to disgrace me, try to slander me, I can fight dirty,” he said. He has since said that he would no longer speak ill of Scott in public.

The two do not have any children, but Scott has a child with drummer Lil John Roberts. Scott was not married to Roberts but was married to Lyzell Williams from 2001-2006.

Dobson is countersuing and insisting that their marital assets be split, asking for $500,000 for his “pain and suffering” and that his legal fees be covered.

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