Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard announced that they were expecting their first child together less than two months after tying the knot, and now the couple is opening up about why they decided to share the news so early and how Duggar’s pregnancy is going.

Jill Duggar On Announcing Pregnancy

Duggar, 23, and Dillard, 25, both devout Christians, decided to pray on the decision about whether or not to share their baby news so soon after learning that they would be parents. Ultimately, the newlyweds decided that there was no reason to hide the news from the public.

"Most people, the reason why they wouldn't share pregnancy news early, [they] are afraid of miscarriage risks," Duggar explained to People magazine. "We prayed about it, and the film crew asked us if we wanted to wait. But we knew we would share if we did miscarry. We believe that life is precious no matter how young and you would still want to remember that baby."

"So many pregnancies do end in miscarriage," added Duggar, whose mother Michelle Duggar publicly miscarried in 2011. "And there are lots of women who grieve the loss of babies in private and don't have support."

As Duggar’s second trimester is fast approaching, she’s thankful that her morning sickness is wearing off, so she can start cooking again and start planning on welcoming the baby and thinking of names with Dillard.

"Next week is my second trimester, I am so excited," Duggar said. "Now that I am feeling better, we are going to start getting things ready for the baby and start thinking of names seriously. Finding out the gender soon will help with that."

So far during her pregnancy, Duggar reveals that Dillard, who she married June 21, has been a doting husband. "Derick is so good," Duggar said. "He brought me breakfast in bed yesterday."

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