Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard revealed that they both have tested positive for Covid-19 while the TV personality is dealing with her pregnancy.

The couple expressed concern about how the virus could affect the pregnancy due to all the unknowns and shifting science. While scientists are making strides in understanding the virus and its long-term effects, the continuous developing nature of the pandemic makes things stressful.

The two parents have tested positive for the virus Thursday, and are now working with their doctor to ensure their baby will be safe. The primary health concern for pregnant women with the virus is the high possibility of developing blood clots and potentially not providing enough oxygen to the baby.

Duggar is now taking baby aspirin to try and prevent blood clots while also monitoring the baby’s heart rate and keeping track of how many times the baby is kicking per day.

The couple has two young boys, both healthy, and will be expecting another child by July.

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