First Lady Jill Biden has revealed the White House Christmas redecoration, a U.S. tradition dating back to 1889 when President Benjamin Harrison erected a tree on the White House lawn.

This innocuous tradition became infamous in 2018 when former First Lady Melania Trump revealed an bizarre decoration plan that included blood-red trees and icy structures that alienated many viewers. The decoration choices were widely mocked on social media

As President Joe Biden attempts to establish his presidency as a return to normalcy for the country, the unpretentious, accessible theme for this Christmas decor is a clear extension of that. The blood trees and overly-icy imagery have been replaced by huge stockings on the walls, displays of piled-up gift box arches over doors, and apparently around 78,750 holiday lights to brighten up the place.

There are tributes to nurses, doctors, and all frontline workers that kept the country running through the Covid-19 Pandemic in the display as well. These include doves and shooting stars placed along the East Colonnade hallway, and a 350-pound gingerbread White House which also included a gingerbread fire station, grocery store, post office and other essential workspaces.

This year’s theme for the 2021 White House Holiday Season is “Gifts From The Heart.” Last Monday, Dr. Biden invited second-graders from Malcolm Elementary in Waldorf, Maryland to see the White House Decorations, and for a reading of her book Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops.

While public tours of the White House have been delayed due to Covid-19, a Virtual Tour is available on the White House website.

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