Jewel informed her fans on TikTok that her tour bus caught on fire, but luckily no one was injured.

Along with some photos of the damaged bus in the background, the star appeared to quickly describe the incident. “We had a full bus fire! Nobody was hurt, it happened on an off day in the parking lot of a hotel,” Jewel says in the video.

“Everybody is safe, we saved the vintage guitar and guitar amp. All’s well that ends well, but how about all this bulls––t,” she cracked, likely in reference to the nasty damage her bus went through.

She also mentioned in some overlayed text that the fire was first noticed by a front desk employee who alerted the fire department and her bus driver.

Fire authorities ruled that an electrical issue caused the fire, and it started in the back of the bus. Jewel has been touring alongside Blues Traveler, Thunderstorm Artis, and Will Anderson in support of her new album Freewheelin’ Woman.

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