Jessie James Decker shared a sexy photo of herself on Tuesday to hint at how she and her husband keep their spark alive, jokingly dismissing any haters who commented. In under 24 hours, the flirty photo and caption has garnered hundreds of comments and likes.

“Hey babe, come to the bath tub,” Decker captioned her Instagram post, leaving a message for her husband, Eric Decker, of NFL fame. “I’m nekkid and wanna show u somethin 😂😂😂😂 (if he thought he was walking into a seductive bathtub show he was right) People frequently ask how we keep the spark and spice alive. This is it right here folks 😂”

Most people had fun with Decker’s saucy photo, commenting matching laughing emojis, complimenting her, and saying that she resembled her daughter, Vivi. However, others were evidently grossed out by the post.

“TMI,” one user commented alongside a vomiting emoji.

Their disgust apparently caught Decker’s attention.

“I can’t imagine what’s on your computer history,” she replied. “Hopefully nothing as risqué and repulsive as my bubble bath gown.”

Aside from bubble baths, Decker has also recently been working on an album and a cookbook. The album was initially set to release over the summer, but was postponed during the pandemic.

“We’re going to wait for the top of the year so we can do it right, ’cause I’m really excited about it,” Decker said.

Her cookbook, however, was published this September, and has received reader and critical acclaim. Just Feed Me is available on both Amazon and Google Play, as well as wherever books are sold.

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