Jessie J, the English pop singer, no longer wants to be thought of as a bisexual and has announced her intention to find a husband.

Jessie J No Longer Bisexual

Back when Jessie J was first getting into the music industry in 2011 and dropping her first album, Who You Are, she admitted that she didn’t discriminate against guys or girls when it came to her dating life, saying, “I’ve never denied it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I’ve dated girls and I’ve dated boys – get over it.”

Now, Jessie J, 26, is claiming that her bisexuality was merely a phase – one that she’s outgrown and would like to put behind her. Her coming out as a straight woman began April 6 on Twitter, when she tweeted, “Remember the thing that you tried/did back in the day. The phase you had? That is so not YOU anymore?! And you look back and think wow how I've changed. I would never do that now.”

“For me, it was a phase,” the “Domino” singer clarified about her sexuality to the Mirror. “But I’m not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody.”

Jessie J Apologizes, Stands By Her Statements

After word got around that Jessie J was looking to shed the bisexual label and make it clear she now identifies as straight, the singer apparently received a large amount of backlash. In a lengthy tweet, Jessie J tried to apologize and explain her decision to clarify her sexuality, not backing down from her critics.

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