Jessica Simpson, 29, is really a football fan. The singer, who dated Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo for two years, has been dating ex-San Francisco 49er’s tight end Eric Johnson since May, going on a number of secret dates with him. 

Johnson filed for divorce from his wife in February. He is believed to have met Jessica shortly afterward, but the pair didn’t strike up a friendship until recently.

Simpson, who has famously battled her weight, has taken extreme measures to keep slim: "[I] shocked my system with a vegan diet," she tweeted recently, "special Pu-erh tea from China and cupping since Friday!" –ALEXA GREENBERG


  • algree03
    algree03 on

    Stop with all these diets! First she needs to focus on loving herself before she can find another boytoy.

  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    First Kim K, now her? All these celebrity trends are starting to get a bit predictable.

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