Jessica Chastain both starred and executive produced The Zookeeper’s Wife, which comes out March 31.


The actress wore a gorgeous black and green gown with a plunging neckline. The shiny floral print dress was an Alexander McQueen piece.

Last night’s look for #TheZookeepersWife LA Premiere ???????

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The film takes place in 1939 Poland, at the onset of WWII. The title character, played by Chastain, decides to help the Resistance and save hundreds of lives from the Warsaw Ghetto.

“Well you know, it’s interesting, at the time that we were making this, we anticipated that Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency,” producer Kim Zubick said. “So we were excited because we were going to be releasing a film that was about the empowerment of women.”

When asked if she found herself similar to her character in any ways, Chastain responded, “You know what she had which I loved? She thought all living creatures were equal. She saw everyone as a miracle and worthy to protect. And I like that.”


“I was just at the Holocaust museum in D.C, and you learn so much about how many refugees were trying to get into the United States and they were denied,” she continued, comparing the refugee crisis then to what’s happening now in the world. “Anne Frank’s family was denied entry into the United States, they were denied a visa twice,” she said. “And we read the book, The Diary of Anne Frank, in school, but we’re not taught that we locked her out of our country.”

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