Jessica Biel is taking on the role of one of the America’s most notorious killers, Candy Montgomery, in the Hulu’s new upcoming true crime series, Candy.

The teaser of the series shows Candy Montgomery, a seemingly ordinary housewife living in a small Texan town, who was convicted in 1980 for the axe murder of her neighbor Betty Gore, who Melanie Lynskey will do portray.

The initial footage shows the appearance of Candy, with curly hair and thick-rimmed glasses, and a glimpse of the typical suburban life in the ’80s. It then proceeds to show the unfriendly relationship between Candy and Betty.

“Prior to June 13, did you like Betty Gore?” an attorney asks Biel’s character in court. “What do you mean?” Candy responds. “I had no angry feelings towards her if that’s what the question is.”

The new thriller series is based on the terrifying true story of Candy, who was acquitted  of murder by claiming that she killed Betty with an axe in self-defense.

Candy will be released as a five-part event series. After the first episode’s premiere on May 9, Hulu will drop a new episode of the series each weeknight, culminating in the finale on May 13.

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