Jessica Alba mispronounced Zac Efron’s name when presenting him with the MTV Movie Award for Best Shirtless Performance, and co-presenter Rita Ora ripped Efron’s shirt off.

Alba and Ora appeared at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards to present Best Shirtless Performance. Ora seemed particularly excited to present the award, instructing the nominees to accept the award shirtless if they should win.

“Please have your top off, by the way, if you come up here.” Ora said, addressing nominees Jennifer Aniston (We’re the Millers), Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street), Zac Efron (That Awkward Moment) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor: The Dark World).

Jessica Alba Mispronounces 'Zac Efron'

Alba opened the envelope and declared Zac Efron the winner for his shirtless performance in That Awkward Moment, but not before creating her own awkward moment when she mispronounced Efron’s name. Alba pulled a Travolta, pronouncing Efron’s last name “Eee-fron.” Perhaps it was a joke to play on the title of Efron's film?

For his part, Efron appeared unphased by the mistake, graciously accepting the award from Ora and Alba. When he got on stage, Ora again asked him to take his shirt off, but he refused. Ora seemed to accept his decision to remain fully clothed, but members in the audience did not give up, chanting, “Take it off!”

Rita Ora Rips Off Zac Efron's Shirt

“I don’t really know what to say, except thank you,” Efron said, laughing. “Thank you to my fans –“

Efron was mid-acceptance speech when Ora snuck up behind him and ripped his shirt open for him. She then pulled the two sides together, closing the shirt again, but Efron decided to let his chest finish the acceptance speech for him.

He dropped his golden popcorn on the stage and threw his shirt off. Like any proud, shirtless heartthrob, Efron took in the wild applause from the audience, showing off his abs and flexing for the camera. He offered the audience and fans a few salutes before blowing a few kisses to camera and exiting the stage.

Not only was Efron a winner at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, he also presented the award for Best Kiss along with his Neighbors co-stars Seth Rogen and Dave Franco.

Neighbors opens in theaters on May 9.

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